Do You Create Results with 100% Certainty?

In the last edition of The Infinite Business Newsletter, I talked about the vital importance of innovation (aka continual improvement). The commitment to always be striving for new, better and different allows your company to stay relevant and service your clients even better. I’m always shocked to discover most businesses fail to use one of the most powerful tools in their tool box when it comes to finding out EXACTLY how... Continue Reading →

Obstacles rooting your future?

Oftentimes, failure to attain our goals and realize our full potential is a direct result of our limiting belief system.  We all have them. Our beliefs are deep seeded (basically anchored) in our subconscious mind. For example, have you ever caught yourself making a statement like, “I’m not good at time management” or “I’m terrible with numbers so I won’t understand financials”? These are examples of... Continue Reading →

The 2nd MOST important asset (next to your list)…

As Entrepreneurs, our list is one of our most important assets. The second most important asset is one that I find missing in 9 out of 10 Entrepreneurial businesses.  Yet, it’s a vital piece to not only sustaining a business, but in growing and scaling it too... Standard Operating Procedures (a.k.a. SOP)I’m sure you’ve heard this term before. A SOP is a detailed documentation of... Continue Reading →

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