Importance Of Cell Phones

When purchasing cell phones for your business, remember to buy in bulk because when you purchase more, you save more. Certainly, this phone is a step forward although perhaps a bit more complex than the Jitterbug. Also, one should also see to it that a cell phone with a good service provider is chosen. but... Continue Reading →

Authenticity and Transparency

There’s no doubt about it. The consumer market has evolved exponentially with the multitudes of products and services available to us. Take a product like milk for example … There once was a time when the only kind of milk available was whole milk (sourced from a cow) and the only way to get it was from a milk delivery service.  It eventually became available at local... Continue Reading →

The art of lo-fi music and how it changed art

The art of lo-fi music has profoundly impacted the broader landscape of music and art. Lo-fi's emphasis on vintage equipment, crackly samples, and low-fidelity sound has inspired musicians and producers to experiment with new sounds and techniques, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in music production.One of the key ways in which lo-fi has changed... Continue Reading →

Teens And Cell Phones

How do you keep your child from talking you out of house-n-home? If you think about how your child may get on the home phone and talk for hours if you let them. Strong, reputable businesses will introduce more options that may have never crossed your mind until you visited their site. Do you know... Continue Reading →

The MOST Dangerous Number

As with most advice shared with you as a kid, rarely do you understand what it means until later in life…One I heard more than a few times growing up was, “Don’t put all your eggs in ONE basket.”  As a kid, my mother used this proverb when she’d see me spending time with only one or two of the same... Continue Reading →

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