Racism In America

21st Century Racism in America is alive and thriving through the republican party. Republicans are currently running a platform of open racism, calling it “woke.” The fact that republicans are openly racist, spreading conspiracy theories, and changing America’s Democratic system to Autocracy is alarming for Americans, but for Black America it means extinction. The Black American population is under direct threat of extinction from the republican party, white supremacists, and conspiracy theories all conceived by the republican party, a party whose sole purpose is to divide America and oppress the Black race.  Currently, republicans are putting forth legislation to ban Black history, and restrict Black votes all in the open public, a move that donald trump the face of the republican party signaled to the GOP that can be done in the public eye without any consequences, and then appeal to the Black voter for support. This book intends to call out the republican party’s true intention for the Black population in America. Essentially this book is for all Americans and aims to call out the true intentions of the republican party for America’s future going into the 21st Century.


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