An Intriguing Look at Barbados Beyond the Beach:

Beyond The Beach: The Heart and Soul of Barbadian Culture. Bajans are a mix of Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. The island’s history of slavery and colonization has left an enduring influence on the Bajan individuals, and their culture shows this mix of effects and origins.

In spite of these past troubles, Barbadians are famous for their wit and warmth. They are friendly and inviting. They have a keen sense of neighborhood, obvious in how they come together to celebrate festivals and unique occasions. They are content with who they are, and  lots have no interest in finding out more of their African heritage. One notable rogue describes: “I understand who I am – I am Bajan; why return to all that catastrophe?” Not all concur, and many of the Rogues in Paradise have actually volunteered to do the DNA test to explore their roots and heritage.

The British built sugarcane plantations on the island, and by the mid-17th century, Barbados became one of the most significant sugar makers on the planet. It was throughout his time as protector that the British colonised Barbados. That was good news for Barbados and for the other British conies who utilized the Barbados document to develop their own.

The book, Rogues In Paradise, goes over the inhuman and ruthless slave trade, and how it has and still impacts Barbados today. However it is a fun, story that is a tribute to humankind and the spirit in all of us.

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