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Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Process


The traffic light is also an indication the intersection has more traffic volume. As interest rates have risen we are seeing the opposite occur making Multi Family attractive commercial real estate investments because of potential future rent increases. Ask around, ask other agents, ask the agent questions, leave nothing to question. In fact, many landlords now recognize that providing “superior tenant service” begins by making the lease negotiation process as simple and efficient for tenants as possible

You want to think twice about invest in a small city with less than 30,000 residents within 3 miles ring. This in turns increase the demand for commercial properties. It’s actually a type of loan, which gives you the opportunity to buy real estate with agreed payment methods and rates

The commercial real estate courses offered today provide an excellent means of obtaining knowledge that once was taught generally “in house” by senior brokerage personnel responsible for a new salesperson’s progress. If the property that you want is zoned residential you will need to seek a variance, which is special permission to cross over the residential zone boundary in order to build commercial. So, I called the company and got them to ship it to me for $300, which in 1987 was quite a lot of money. Some of them will need to relocate their business operations from time to time

They know how to generate enquiries for listings of all types. The title of a property is basically the history of the deed changing hands and whether or not there are any unresolved claims to the deed by previous lenders or contractors. You want the rents to not only cover the mortgage and ongoing maintenance and any major repairs – you also want the extra cashflow to perhaps pay down the debt to increase equity or fund another investment. And in the wake of 9/11, there is even the opportunity to purchase terrorism insurance! In the final analysis, each real estate investor has to look at his or her own level of risk tolerance and what might actually affect the real estate investment. They understand what is going on with regard to different property types in sales, leasing, and property management

Size of the property – The price and the interest rates certainly depend on the size of the real estate, where the price is directly proportional to the size of the property. Instead, implement an effective lead- generating system (Learn how to do this by joining my Commercial Real Estate Success Inner Circle – watch for the re-launch later next month!). Type of the property – It makes a difference if the property is a retail operation, a house or an apartment and it actually plays a very important factor on deciding the price of the property

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