Polytetraflouroethylene (TFE) and PVDF both are experiencing long lead times.

PTFE – Polytetrafluoroethylene  product PTFE (TFE) along with Kynar-PVDF  manufacturing requires a mineral called Fluorspar which is mined in Mongolia and China. The worldwide demand for this mineral has risen significantly, as well as the supply has tightened. PTFE materials have high heat resistance, excellent chemical resistance and really low co-efficient of friction (slick) and is utilised throughout a great deal of applications from non-stick fry kitchenware to ptfe tape for use at home. This specific mineral is actually the critical raw material in the manufacturing of fluoropolymers, fluorolubricants and many refrigerants.This increasing amount of demand linked with shortage of raw materials is mainly responsible for a dramatic price increase (almost double throughout the last year), shortages, and we expect these two factors to keep at it in the near future.

Polystone PVDF

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