Ketosis: The Science Behind Unpleasant Body Odor

Ketosis is an elevated metabolism of calories in the body. The body utilizes fat instead of glucose to generate energy. This results in rapid weight loss. Additionally, toxins are excreted through urine and the feces. In this instance you may notice an unusual body odor.

Ketosis is a natural reaction to weight loss that is rapid. It produces ketones, which is a chemical that the body uses to break down fat. They are also secreted through sweat. Acetone is the most important ketone. Getting too many of these substances in your system can cause body smell.

A lemon is one way to deal with the problem. Cut off slices and roll them around your armpits. This will remove the smell. If you don’t have a lemon, try one or two slices of half a lemon. It can last for three or five days.

Another trick for combating ketosis-related body odor is to drink plenty of water. This can eliminate toxins from your mouth and keep bacteria from developing. To aid in the process, bathe in hot water.

It is a good idea to include high-fiber foods in your diet. They can alter the pH of your body. They contain a compound called sulfur, which can be found in cruciferous veggies. This can also help improve your breath.

If you notice that your body smell persists it is recommended that you consult your physician. It could be a sign of a condition that is not being treated.

ketosis body odor

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