How To See The Kingdom Of God

Seeing and experiencing the Kingdom of God by thinking in oneness and wholeness — by seeing yourself as connected to everyone and everything in the universe.

Let’s say you have an empty glass that is shiny and bright on the outside and which you want to fill with water. However, the glass is filled with extreme dust and dirt in the inside which is rather out of view to a person looking from the outside. For an executive or leader in business, the situation can be even more difficult, as none of their colleagues may be brave enough to point out the reality of the situation until a crisis has arisen

Now that I have read about and absorbed the ideas of Kaizen I have started to introduce one area and implement an action plan every 2 weeks. Personal development seminars help you to acquire an attitude of accepting or overcoming the limitations that you have set for yourself. Wanting to earn $10,000 a week when you are currently on welfare is just as hard! You should start with stepping-stone goals. ” My initial response is “What color is the puddle?” Or I might ask some other playful question that helps to focus the attention on the energetics of the puddle, on what they want, or on how they feel rather than the issues that spin them in circles like a cess pool. So it leaves me about 4 hours spent “surf without thinking” (SWT)

Be disciplined and you will achieve results. Creativity can be acquired if you are observant. This is about finding new ways to develop better results and solutions. When on a platform, if a diver starts to wonder whether he should take the plunge, the desired results may not be achieved

You get the idea. Plans will never be a success if you fail to follow them strictly. It is like working on a team, each participant has some insight to offer that will assist the rest of the people in the seminar. Start working on your development plan today by following the steps presented above

see the kingdom of god

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