Rex Wotton Barbados Adventures

Rex Wotton managed the West Coast Watersports shop at Coral Reef hotel, just up the beach from Settlers Beach. The shop took hotel guest diving and on sailing tours around the coast. He was a master seaman trained by the Royal Merchant Navy in ship navigation, sailing, diving, explosives, and marine work.

Rex was among the most loveable Rogues one would ever meet. His sense of joy and sharp wit surrounded every circumstance. Sailing to St. Vincent with a friend at age 11 testifies to his sense of adventure. He encouraged all to join him in pranks and daredevil acts, making it seem safe, easy, and a joy.

Once When walking out of the sea at Settlers Beach Villa Beach Hotel, in full diving gear, wetsuit, and tank, he looked like a James Bond character on a mission. He had a dagger strapped to his calf and carried sticks of dynamite around his waist. His objective was to plant explosives around the inshore reefs, set to blow when he got out of the sea. It was a government-approved project to create a swimming area for visitors. The explosion shook the buildings just minutes after he was on land. “Oh!” he chuckled, somewhat perturbed,” Maybe a stick too much dynamite on that one.”

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