Living In A World Of Opposites – An Eastern Philosophy

An inspirational message on the eastern philosophy of seeing unity in a world of duality or world of opposites. To see the world not in terms of “Either/Or” but as “Both/And.” How to live a unified life that is based on wholeness and oneness of everything, and how to transcend this concept of dualism in order to live in unity consciousness. This is based from the second verse of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

A Jungian psychology approach to anxiety focusses on the purposive and functional aspects of anxiety – what is the anxiety we are suffering trying to get us to change? The article shows how by ignoring or suppressing anxiety symptoms (such as through medication) we lose the wisdom that the psyche is providing. Are you comfortable discussing your problems with this person? Does this person listen to you and support you without judging or belittling you? Does this person understand panic disorder or whatever anxiety problem you are dealing with or are they willing to learn? Can this person take the time to support you?. By learning strategies that you can apply in your daily life to help control anxiety, you can learn to prevent, control and recover from the fear that strikes you as you are living your life. As soon as one issue was dealt with he would anticipate the next problem and make it a monumental hurdle that he wasn’t sure he could cope with. But what is anxiety trying to tell us? From a Jungian Psychology perspective, anxiety is the psyches way of telling us that the way we are living is out of balance.

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