Rogues’ Memories – Barbados Island Adventures with Rex

Memories – Barbados Island Adventures with Rex. Rex Wotton was just one of the most   unforgettable Rogues one would ever meet. His spirit of joy and sharp wit enveloped every scenario. 

As an example: When a person threw a drink at him, he immediately dumped the components of a wine cooler over their head. On another occasion, when mocked by a comedian that made an audacious remark about him, he returned the disrespect by stealing away the comics’ iconic green bowler hat. Straight previous safety, and security and also the doorman, he walked with a defiant air and his seductive grinning chuckle.

He was a commanding highly energetic man at 5 feet 8 inches, trim and fit, with ruffled, tan coloured hair and piercing blue eyes. Not one for formal exercises; he did not run, jog, or do any formal gym

Uncannily aware and ready for action, Rex had an air of supreme confidence and was a fearless leader who inspired others to live fully. He was a proficient seaman trained with the British merchant navy, a deep-sea diver, an explosives expert, and a jack of all trades.

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