Flippa Price Increase – Stealth mode price increase by Flippa impacts profitability for small business sellers, and shoppers!

Seller’s on Flippa received a November surprise by means of a significant price increase for listings on the popular website auction platform. In a stealth-like move, Flippa increased prices by $10 USD for a “Standard Listing” below an asking price of $999, with no notice to customers.  Other listing fees were also increased in all price-point options. 

Sellers noticed the price increase only when placing a listing for sale, a source told us. The increase brings into question the value of continued use of the service for smaller business opportunities with lower price points and reasonable cost of entry for start-up and small business websites.

In a blog post on Flippa entitled “Transparent Pricing”, Head of Customer Support & Experience, Chris Stephenson,  stated, “We continue to build for our community and have added new services and even more value to our platform. Accordingly, we have reviewed Flippa’s pricing offerings to ensure our offering remains the most efficient pathway to sell and exit for a digital asset for online business owners globally.”

Read the full blog post on our website.

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