Best Breath Freshener Mouth Spray without artificial sweeteners

If you’re looking for high quality all natural mouth spray that’s great for traveling, then you’ll love Breathealer. It is specially formulated to get rid of bad breath with natural probiotics and without artificial sweeteners.

Breathealer has launched a new travel friendly mouthwash Mouth Spray to ensure you can have clean, fresh breath wherever you are. It is specially formulated to combat bad breath and get rid of harmful bacteria.

And that’s not all, it also encourages the growth of good bacteria to help restore a naturally healthy mouth.

So when you’re on the go and need a high quality mouthwash, you can trust Breathealer to get the job done!

More information can be found at: Breahealer . com

Breathealer’s new Mouth Spray is highly portable and travel friendly, made from all natural ingredients.

The breath freshener mouth spray is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. It can easily fit into any bag, and be taken on trips and travels. Other primary features include whitening teeth and combating sore throats.

Breathealer mouthwash allows customers to be free from all forms of bad breath, thanks to all natural probiotic gel. It is fully safe to swallow, and the ingredient combination can help to whiten teeth.

The mouth spray is available through the Breathealer online store in the US, and can be picked up directly when shopping in Barbados.

One of the key benefits of the new product is that it can give customers a brand new feeling mouth. It is specially formulated to give freedom from dry mouth, which is a well documented cause of bad breath.

Breathealer mouthwash works by removing harmful bacteria that causes bad breath. It also encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Customers can shop for the high quality mouthwash as a way to combat halitosis. This is a common condition that causes long term bad breath.

One of the most common mouthwash remedies for halitosis uses chemicals, but with Breathealer, customers can get an all natural solution.

The team states: “Breathealer is a probiotic bad breath remedy available in a convenient travel-friendly gel form that you can carry anywhere. The gel is formulated from coconut oil triglycerides, spearmint oil, monk fruit extract, quillaja, and menthol.â€

They add: “It is safe enough to be swallowed and is enriched with vitamins E, D3, vitamin A palmitate, and gram-positive Streptococcus Salivarius, a common oral bacterium.â€

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