Mini Millionaire Dessert Cups in 10 Minutes

Make Mini Millionaire Dessert Cups in 10 Minutes

If you love millionaire desserts, you can make your own mini versions in 10 minutes. These decadent mini millionaire dessert cups are layered and sweet.

The Millionaire’s Bar is the most famous millionaire dessert, and is comprised of a buttery shortbread crust, caramel filling, and a semi-sweet chocolate ganache.

They are also known as caramel squares or shortcakes.

Whether you want to make these mini millionaire dessert cups for a birthday party, or simply want to treat yourself, these recipes are a quick and easy way to make the popular dessert.

To make these delicious desserts, you’ll need three ingredients and a mini muffin pan.

For the filling, you’ll need heavy cream with at least 35% fat.

Then, you’ll mix the chocolate and heavy cream to create a thick ganache.

Once the chocolate is completely melted and combined with the cream, it forms the perfect sauce for these mini millionaire dessert cups. The best part is, these dessert cups are easy to make.

Make the shortbread cups in the same way. First, crush the shortbread biscuits. Make sure they’re lightly browned. Next, add the caramel to the top. Refrigerate for an hour. Then, drizzle with the chocolate, and your dessert is ready. Once the chocolate has set, garnish with a few pieces of sea salt.

Finally … sink your teeth into these mini millionaire dessert cups and ENJOY!

mini millionaire dessert cups

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