Content Writing Hack – Best FIVERR Gig Tips

Create Quality Fresh Content With a Few Clicks…Then Sell It! Or Use It Yourself!

FREE Commercial Licence Included So You Can Sell ALL The Content You Create!  You Can Also Use This App To Create a Massive Bonus Library to Sky Rocket Your Affiliate Commissions!

⭐ Turn Any Video Into Text Content For Your Site

⭐ Rewrite Any Article or Text

⭐ Get Instant Access To Our Huge Database of Articles (1000s+)

⭐ Create Digital Products, Lead Magnets, ebooks and Much More!

⭐ Cloud App  – Nothing to Install

⭐ Free Commercial License Included

⭐ Sell The Content You Create!

⭐ Start an Instant Content Creation Business

⭐ Create Fresh Unique Content That Produces Page 1 Rankings

⭐ Create Fresh Unique Articles That You Can Sell for 1000s

⭐ Sky Rocket Your Affiliate Commissions by Creating Bonuses

⭐ Almost NO WORK involved

⭐ CONTENTX Does the Work For You

It’s going to be virtually impossible to run out of content once you get your hands on this app.

Grab any Youtube URL, add into the app and turn the video into a fresh TEXT content for your site or your customers.

Yes, with this app you can turn any video into unique blog posts, articles, even ebooks!

Youtube has billions of videos that you can turn into fresh content for your site and the app makes everything super easy for you!

With this app you have a limitless amount of content to post on your sites in seconds.

And of course, aside from using this for your own content, you can sell it at the same time.  Sites like Fiverr have thousands of content hungry customers waiting to pay you good money for your unique content.

And they won’t even know that it only took you a few seconds to create! 

And Video to Text Content is Just ONE of the amazing tools you get with cloud-based app.

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