Blogging: A Writer’s Journal

Here are some ways in which you can create uniqueness about your or your site which will not only increase blog traffic but build their loyalty as well. Remember it is all about delivering something nobody else has or does and doing so consistently. Put some ‘teeth’ into the content you post by sharing some insightful or otherwise useful information readers’ can benefit from. Give your posts some depth by making your exclamations of any advice or insight more comprehensive and well thought out. The blog reader will appreciate this and will demonstrate their appreciation by returning. Show your personality or at least one you are comfortable displaying to your readers. This can be reflected in the way you write or the opinions you may share. Give your site some life by investing your personality into it. This will help to increase blog traffic to your site since readers will be experiencing something unique which of course is your insight, opinions or particular delivery style.

There are hundreds of blogging tips that you can put to good use but if you are a beginner then the first thing you need to know is that blogging helps in many ways. With the help of a blog post, you can share information about a specific subject, product, service, or even share tutorials. You can also use a blog to upload your daily routine so that your friends know what you have been up to and where all you have been. A blog can be used by freelancers as a portfolio highlighting their skill like writing, designs, or specialized content like travel content.

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A blog can also be used for attracting customers and sending them to your website. Now all this is possible but you will have to identify what you really need a blog for and this is one of the important blogging tips. One of the most important blogging tips revolves around the opportunity to create online visibility and drive targeted traffic to your website. In doing so, you are not only increasing the viewership of your website but also will help in getting a higher rank for your website on search engines. This can be made possible only if you use necessary keywords, informative and interesting content in your blog posts and also provide the link to your website so that readers can click to reach there. The more information you provide regarding your business, the higher the visibility of your blog and this can drive a lot of traffic to your website.

The blogger in most cases must be professional and highly diplomatic in both their posts and subsequent rebuttals. The reader on the other hand can be as open and straightforward as they wish. The web is, after all, built on principles of capitalism and democracy. There is a free exchange of ideas and blogs are a prime facilitator of this exchange. It is possible for bloggers to also have a straightforward and in-your-face approach to their blog (and some do). However, the end result is often a substantial group of alienated consumers. These alienated consumers rarely make additional purchases from a company they feel they has offended them. In most cases business blogs are designed to bear the brunt of ill-informed or even vitriolic visitors who may wish to rip their blog posts to shreds. If the post is overly abusive you can, in many cases, remove the offensive post from the blog. Sometimes you will be correct, but misunderstood. Sometimes you may be wrong and that’s where your role as diplomat comes in. A good business owner understands the rule of diplomacy in regards to their patrons.


So many ignore this great way to generate free leads on autopilot and leave a lot of money on the table. Basically, with a pop up form you offer them a free gift in exchange for their name, email or phone number. Also, it’s imperative to have an autoresponder and already written follow up messages. When someone subscribe for your free gift (an eBook, a video training etc) a new lead will be added in your email list. If you have Aweber, go ahead and set up a web form or buy a professional one using Pop Up Domination. The best way to drive more prospects to your blog is to ensure massive exposure. How can you do that? Simple! Use Onlywire, a free syndication tool, to promote your articles or videos on the most visited social media and social bookmarking sites. With a single click, any piece of content goes viral on 42 websites simultaneously. In only few days, your traffic will literally explode. Go on other blogs from your niche and comment on their posts. This will help you to get more backlinks to your own blog.5 comments on a daily basis is a perfect start! After two or three weeks your Alexa ranking will dramatically improve. These are powerful blogging tips which can be implemented right now no matter what business you run on the internet. Now it’s only up to you!

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